Education Specialist Degree in Curriculum & Instruction (Ed.S.)

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The goal of the Education Specialist program is to develop distinguished contributing educators as instructional leaders, mentors, and models across schools and systems.  This is a degree program. Completion of the SACS approved Ed.S. Degree qualifies the Graduate to upgrade your current Level 5 certificate to a Level 6 certificate. This is NOT an Administrative Leadership Certification program.

Program of Study

The specialist program in Curriculum and Instruction offers components that address the qualities necessary for preparing distinguished teaching and leadership. The program will provide a rigorous and scholarly pragmatic approach that will meet the needs of candidates in various geographic and educational contexts.

These courses form a holistic approach to the 30-hour program of study as continuous themes and curricula to guide, instruct, and develop the professional educator to attain distinguished  levels of both theory and practice and become contributing members in the professional discourse of improving schooling.

EDS 800 Program Orientation and Scholarly Writing
EDS 815 Curriculum Design for a Changing World
EDS 860 School Law and Ethics
EDS 851 School Resource utilization
EDS 845 Theory and Practice of Differentiated Instruction
EDS 846 Principles of Assessment Design and Application
EDS 823 Research I-Analysis and Evaluation of Research
EDS 824 Research II-Data Analysis
EDS 865 Research III-Implementation of Applied Research
EDS 877 Communication for Professional Practice