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The program goal of the Specialist Program in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to develop distinguished contributing teachers as leaders, mentors, and models across schools and systems. The primary purpose of schooling is instruction; therefore, all teachers, staff and administrators must focus through habits of mind on the ultimate goal of providing students with the best and most appropriate education possible through continuing school improvement. Regular classroom teachers, teachers in pull-out areas, lead teachers, department heads, building level administrators, as well as staff and administrators at the district levels need to view themselves as instructional leaders and through proactive, scholarly and reflective professional and pedagogical development provide instructional expertise and leadership to students and peers both formally and informally.


Program of Study

 The specialist program in Curriculum and Instruction offers components that address the qualities necessary for preparing distinguished teaching and leadership. The program will provide a rigorous and scholarly pragmatic approach that will meet the needs of candidates in various geographic and educational contexts. To that end, participants are required to complete coursework in the core which consists of 30 semester hours. A detailed outline of the required and elective courses can be found in the course sequence section of this handbook. These courses form a holistic approach to the 30 hour program of study as continuous themes and curricula to guide, instruct, and develop the professional educator to attain distinguished levels of both theory and practice and become contributing members in the professional discourse of improving schooling. The courses meet the requirements of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission standards for graduate programs in Curriculum and Instruction leading to an S-6 certificate as well as addressing the Piedmont College Special Program Core Learning Outcomes.


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